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Ultimately, the design defines our experience, "There is a profound & enduring beauty in simplicity, in clarity" ( by Jony Lve). True simplicity is derived from so much more then just the absent of clutter.Our web apps is a clear representation of these goals.

We've consider the tiniest detail like refining the typography & built in social icons, to achieve a harmonious relationship between individual elements, to set your business tone. making your content that much more appealing to your customers.

Google Partner

App local is a google partner, but not jus a partner we have unlimited resources with in Google headquarters to help manage all our clients campaigns.

About App Local

Introducing a new animal to the lead generation world. You pay only for advertising, we build you a mobile web app an iOS icon to set a new face for your business.


Custom typography are built in across all our web apps.

The Benefits

1. its cost effective.
2. Hands free approach
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Cloud Support

When update is needed its no hassle to
you, we update the app via the cloud, its
seamless & invisible to our clients.

Rated #1

APP LOCAL is rated #1 by our clients
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Eli O, The Founder
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