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With an increasing number of Web transactions done through a mobile device, does your business have what it takes to stay on top of mobile commerce?

Nowadays, you need more than a website to stay on top of your game. According to a recent mobile industry report, eMarketer forecast that as much as 25% of all online transactions will be done through mobile devices. This phenomenal growth in mobile commerce means only one thing --- your business needs to have a stable mobile presence.

App Local brings you a subscription-based web app design service that gives you the mobile advantage you need without the hefty price. With our custom web app design solutions, it doesn’t take much to build a mobile presence that lasts. We do it all for you.

Ads Are Tested Across Mobile Platforms
All of our apps & Ads are tested on a variety of mobile operating systems and devices, from the iPad and the iPhone to Windows tablets, Google phones, and Kindle. Easily customizable to fit your business, these apps function like any other native app that’s installed on your phone.

Visually Stunning, Lightning-Fast Apps
When your customers use your web app, they are bound to judge it by how it looks and how fast it works. This is why we take the time to design beautiful, functional apps that works at least 3x faster than any website.

Seamless, Hassle-Free Updates
Do away with complicated and expensive updates when you work with us at App Local. Our cloud-based web design services eliminate the need to download some complicated software for updating. We update from the cloud so everything is flawless and completely hassle-free!

What We Make ?
Buying a website alone can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000. When you include yearly updating costs, you will have to add another $15,000. With App Local’s subscription services, app local keeps only 25%-30% of your budget the rest goes to your marketing campaigns, with those 25% we deliver your business Quality leads daily as for your customers, they get the best user experience and the latest in mobile design and marketing, a service that would otherwise cost thousands.

Customer Engagement in a Snap
Whether your business is a startup or a growing company, customer retention is just as important as customer attraction. With a web app, you can easily connect with your returning customers and offer them promotions from time to time. A responsive gallery displays all your products and services so your customers have no trouble finding your latest offerings, discounts, and promos. And with our custom web app design solutions, what you get is a beautiful, functional app that reflects the integrity of your company or brand.

App Local helps to bring your business right where your customers are --- on their mobile devices. Clearly, there’s more to online profitability than simply having a website. With 55% of mobile owners accessing the mobile web (Pew Research Center 2012), your customers need to reach you via mobile devices.

Reach out to more customers and improve business growth. Start your subscription with App Local to getting quality leads TODAY. 

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